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About The Team

Insightfuli is a proactive customer feedback company that provides any business, no matter how small with a powerful and actionable customer feedback system.


Often times, smaller companies don't have the infrastructure to create a department that specializes in gathering insights, monitoring market positioning, and improving the customer experience, which leaves them vulnerable to unfair competition from larger firms with more established systems, and larger wallets.


At Insightfuli, we believe that anyone should have access to the power of data at a reasonable cost. Scroll down to learn more about the people behind the curtain.

Maria P. Garces, Founder & CX Wizard

Maria P. Garces is the founder of Insightfuli. Although her involvement is widespread, she mainly focuses on account management, survey design, and product.  


She uses her analytical abilities and innate curiosity to understand the needs of our clients and to create specialized feedback systems that deliver results. 


Fundamentally, she believes that the future is data-driven and that businesses can be massively improved if we actively listen to our customers.


Joseph B. Nicotera, Technical Product Manager

Joseph is a mechanical engineer from NY with a knack for innovative solutions. His passion for technology and improving the customer experience drive Insightfuli’s product development process.


Joseph meticulously designs and seeks out the best features we can offer while ensuring reliability and ease of use.


His extensive background in project management has equipped him with the tools to deliver products that are versatile and evolve with the changing needs of our clients.



Dr. Erik Karlsson, Senior Research Manager

Dr. Erik Karlsson is a Swedish academic that specializes in social science research, survey design, and statistical analysis methods.


Erik works alongside the data analyst to ensure adequate reporting methods, data reliability, and the overall integrity of our projects. 


He also applies his expertise in higher education bench-marking to oversee Insightfuli's processes and programs to ensure we're continuously providing excellent services.  

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